CVW Beamlink-Quad Applied In The Graduation Ceremony

CVW Beamlink-Quad Applied In The Graduation Ceremony

CVW, a leader in wireless video transmission system technology, has broadcast the graduation ceremony of Nanhai Senior High School in a 2000-square-meter auditorium with its new product–Beamlink-Quad on July 8, 2018 in Shenzhen. It’s worth mentioning that 4 transmitters were used to shoot the scene with 4 cameras, and the specific application diagram is shown below;

Usually, people may be distressed by the live streaming in such a big scene. Messy wire and complex installation do not only require a lot of manpower and material resources, but also increase security risks when people walked by. Besides, wide area will also lead to instability of the live broadcast, affecting the quality of the live streaming.

However, Beamlink-Quad can perfectly solve these problems! Beamlink-Quad, which can perfectly support 4 channels HD video transmission to just 1 RF channel, providing a seamless connection between RX and video switcher. It was born to meet the multiple camera shooting needs, and we firmly believe Beamlink-Quad will shine its light in the live broadcast and media!

“Although time may blur our memories,” said the headmaster, “the image records will never be indistinct! Thanks to CVW for helping us remain our memory and youth!”

**Wireless HD: long distance transmission up to 500m;

**4TX-to-1RX: tally function; support 4 channels HD video transmission; 1RF channel provide a seamless connection between RX and video switcher;

**Support both SDI and HDMI input;

**Simple installation; convenient operation;  flexible application; eliminate the hassle of running wires of multi-position.

Here is the video introduction of Beamlink-Quad: