CVW Attended 2nd Professional Video Solutions Exhibition

Mar 11, 2022 | 未分类

On March 4, 2022, the 2nd Shitong Professional Video Solutions Exhibition was held in Xi’an, hosted by Shaanxi Shitong Electronics Engineering Co. As the event organizer, Shitong invited industry leaders and customers from TV stations, education, film, and TV industries. Over 300 people gathered to discuss the latest video solutions in the industry.

At the same time, significant manufacturers brought their latest equipment to this event. Canon, Sony, CVW, Naga, SmallRig,, and other manufacturers competed on the same stage, performing a fantastic exhibition of video solutions at this event.

As a leading provider of wireless video transmission solutions, CVW brought several products to the event, including 4K Aurora, multi-channel transmission-BeamLink-Quad Plus, excellent non-line-of-sight transmission-Thunder X2, zero-latency transmission-PRO Z, and wireless transmitter and monitor kit-PRO VUE.

CVW 4K Aurora system supports 4K HDR and broadcast-grade 4:2:2 10bit uncompressed real-time image, with more stable video transmission and more evident image quality.

As the ace wireless video transmission system of CVW, BeamLink-Quad is the first multi-camera, long-distance wireless HD video transmission system in the industry. It is widely used in domestic and international TV stations, universities, important events, and other multi-camera shooting scenarios.

Thunder series products have three outstanding features: ultra-long-distance transmission, wall-through transmission ability, and anti-interference ability. Its excellent non-line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight transmission capability, even in the face of many obstructions, can still ensure stable video signal transmission.

PRO Z is so good to shoot a film. It represents a zero-latency uncompressed video transmission system, with 21 channels to choose from for simultaneous multi-camera monitoring. The PRO Z is widely used in film and television, broadcasting and event filming.

PRO VUE is an excellent zero-latency wireless follow focus monitor kit. The receiver is integrated with the monitor. The transmitter can send the video signal up to 800 meters. So the cameraman could move quickly and freely, director and focus puller could easily catch the detail by using the monitor. It’s an excellent kit to simplify the workflow.

The second Video Solutions Exhibition is held by Shitong, creating an open platform for target customers and significant video equipment manufacturers to communicate in a lively atmosphere and keep abreast of the latest industry developments. As a second consecutive participant in this event, CVW will continue to provide innovative and professional video transmission solutions for the video industry, empowering the industry with its value for a better future.