Beamlink-Quad Made Her Debut At China Hi-Tech Fair 2017

May 30, 2020 | 新闻

The forum which aimed at the opportunities and trends of video live streaming on education, business, arts and other industries was held on November 18, 2017 at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2017. The three speakers who represented EasyLive (live streaming platform), Shenzhen University (SZU), and Shenzhen Crystal Video Technology (CVW) respectively led open discussions in the forum and announced the establishment of the industry, academia, and research tripartite cooperation.The forum discussion topic was about the trend of video live streaming industry, the development of new generation live streaming technology and platform, and the discussion especially focused on the promotion role of new instant wireless connection technology for live streaming industry.

In line with the forum activities, CVW also revealed the upcoming perfect wireless HD transmission solutions in the field—the BeamLink-Quad, such an amazing long distance wireless HD transmission system which is designed into 4TX-to-1RX with tally function, can support 4 channels HD video simultaneously to enable a seamless connection between RX and the video switch console.

(Mr. Tong Ying, Founder & General Manager of CVW accepted press interview in the forum.)

Shenzhen satellite TV and many other media have made a special media coverage on this forum activities.

“Wireless connection among multiple video cameras’ positions will be an inevitable trend on live streaming, and by taking the industrialization of CVW’s achievements on the new generation of wireless HD transmission solution into consideration, we will be forced to face the education’s reform on the live broadcasting. ” Mr. Huang, who takes charge of the director for Media College of Shenzhen University, offered his view in the forum.

EasyLive co-founder Dr. Xiao expressed his opinion that under the influence of new generation of live broadcast technology, the intelligent network live broadcasting will bring immersive experience to education, medical, entertainment and other industry customers.

The chief technology officer Richard Yuan from Shenzhen Crystal Video Technology believed that the professional image quality, wireless multi-camera positions setup and all media-related application will be the inevitable factors of future commercial network broadcast equipment. He also declared that CVW has taken these technical essential factors into the production of BeamLink-Quad as the new generation of wireless HD transmission system which was put to use in the forum site.

CVW BeamLink-Quad solution: transmitter, receiver, and video switch console

CVW Portable Video Switch Console

Product Features

1. Wireless Full-HD over long distance transmission, up to a distance of 500m;

2. 4Rx-to-1Rx high-compact structure design; support 4 Full-HD video streams with one receiver; simplify deployment;

3. Only one channel(40MHz) is used for 4 Full-HD streams transmission; zero inter-channel interference;

4. Latest beamforming technology, enhanced wireless transmission reliability and performance;

5. Simple installation, convenient operation;be suitable for multiple scenarios: online education, live matches, film and television shooting, etc.;

4. 60ms ultra low-latency;

5. Support both SDI and HDMI input;tally function,reliable overvoltage protection.

For further information regarding BeamLink-Quad, please refer to the link below for details:

About CVW

Shenzhen Crystal Video Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of professional wireless HD transmission system. Currently, CVW product application has been covering film, education, medical treatment, UAV, etc. and the business extends all over the domestic market, Europe, Japan and other high-end markets. CVW will continue to work closely with industry partners and is committed to developing and manufacturing the best wireless AV products to the benefit of our customers.