CVW Pro800 Plus Applied To The Opening Ceremony Of The Sports Meet In Longgang,Shenzhen

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10,000 people in the 290,000 square meter stadium

10,000 people in the 290,000 square meter stadium

It’s about 700m from cameras to the switch console.As for inconvenience of the ultra long range connection and the transmission instability caused by follow shooting,Pro 800 Plus perfectly solved all these problems splendidly with it’s tally and  intercom function.

The Advantages of CVW Pro 800 in this activity :

CVW Pro 800

. Long distance up to:800m/2624ft

. Enhanced anti-interference capacity in such a crowded scenery which contains more than 10,000 people

.Tally & Intercom function to efficient collaboration

. SDI & HDMI interfaces

. Wireless:eliminate the hassle of running wires

. SDI Loop out on TX and multiple outputs on RX

. Power through: the V-mount battery plate allows one battery hung for supplying to wireless part and camera(monitor)

. OLED for status display

. Plug and Play

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