Multi-channel Wireless Video Transmission Solution

With the rising of various live events (including commercial activities, campus activities, sports events, etc.) and the transformation of emerging digital production processes, more and more people are enjoying the convenience of live broadcasting, and the live broadcasting still face some key challenges:

1. How to deploy a live broadcasting system more efficiently and conveniently?

2. How to reduce manpower and time costs more effectively?

3. How to handle the distribution of multiple seats more flexibly?

As for the needs of this industry, CVW released a multi-camera wireless video transmission solution - Beamlink-Quad and Beamlink-Duo!

Its following major functions meet the above requirements:

1. Support 2/4 camera wireless video transmission

2. Support camera pan/tilt control and Tally function

3. Long-distance anti-interference to ensure stable and reliable wireless video transmission

In solving the actual live broadcasting activity demand, the professional user is greatly saved the time and labor cost, and the user experience is improved.

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Stable and reliable
Ultra low latency

Live Broadcast Networking

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