About US


As a leading provider of wireless video transmission solutions, CVW is committed to technological innovation and providing leading-edge, reliable wireless video transmission solutions to a variety of industries.


More than 20 years in the wireless video transmission industry


More than 50 patents in the field of wireless video transmission


Cooperation with over 60 countries and organizations in the world

Wireless video and beyond

Since establishment in 2010, CVW has invested heavily in developing and manufacturing state of the art wireless video systems for multiple applications and markets such as professional video production,medical,UAV,education and other.

Through the years, CVW has developed its unique & leading edge intellectual property, scores of patents were filed and approved in the various wireless video-audio technologies segments such as high robustness, long range, low latency, low-power systems. CVW’ s products work in multiple channels ranging from hundreds of MHz to 60GHz using the best in class protocols such as H.264/5, Beamforming technologies. CVW is committed to continue to develop and manufacture the best possible wireless video transimission products to the benefit of our customers.


With innovation as the cornerstone of development, CVW actively explores and promotes the commercialization of products in the field of wireless video transmission, and has won many awards in Shenzhen and national innovation competitions.

Why us?

Technical Advantage

The R&B team has over 20 years of research and development experience in the wireless video transmission industry, and is the first to launch leading products such as zero latency and multi-channel transmission.

Production Capacity

We have built our own complete productive and testing system.

Technical Supports

We have an experienced technical support team to provide fast response and professional support to our customers.

Marketing and Sales

CVW has sales channels in China, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, providing customers with fast and flexible sales services.

After-sale service

Professional after-sales team to provide fast and accurate maintenance service for products.

Focus on industry

With its continued focus on wireless video transmission, CVW has become a trusted partner.


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