Full HD 1080P,Real time,Range<800m

Outdoor Sports

CVW FreeStreamTM series of products includes FreeCast Standard, FreeCast Professional and FreeStream Universal. FreeStreamTM is a more affordable way to stream real-time,high-quality video straight from your HDMI camera to any audience, anywhere.

. It’s for filmmakers looking for a smarter solution on set.

. It’s for content creators looking to stand out.

. It’s for adventurers looking to share new experiences.

FreeStreamTM gives you endless possibilities to take your storytelling to the next level.

Cast live with real-time broadcasts. Create something new with the ability to live-stream from any HDMI camera. Cast on the fly from even the most remote locations. Move freely with transmission radius of up to 500 meters.

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Outdoor Sports
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Full HD video
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