BeamLink-Quad supports the live broadcast of online economic work meeting of Hejin Municipal Party Committee

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On February 10, the Economic Work Conference and the City's Project Construction Investment Promotion Mobilization Conference was held in Hejin City. During this special period of fighting COVID-19, the meeting used the live-streaming way to plan and guide the 2020 Hejin Economic and Livelihood Project. CVW’s BeamLink-Quad provided technical support for the main venue.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Chinese enterprises and institutions could not organize meetings on a large scale. How to convey the spirit of the meeting more efficiently, faster and accurately? This is a challenge for them. At this time, our multi-channel wireless video transmission system- BeamLink-Quad came in handy.

BeamLink-Quad supports four channels of wireless video transmitting, and 4 transmitters operate in the 1RF channel. It reduces on-site operators, reduces deployment costs and time, and makes the construction of the whole live-streaming system faster and more efficient.


The switch console and the venue are not in the same area, which effectively reduces personnel contact. The receiver of BeamLink-Quad is matched with our directional flat panel antennas. It still maintains stable and smooth video transmission in a wall-blocked environment.

The multi-channel video transmission of BeamLink-Quad makes live streams easier. Especially during the COVID-19, wireless technology is used to reduce personnel contact and provide a more convenient and safer experience for people's live-streaming activities.

The switch console and the venue are not in the same area

The receiver of BeamLink-Quad is matched with our directional flat panel antennas

We believe that humans will soon defeat this COVID-19 virus, and we will be able to breathe freely and walk on the streets. In 2020, CVW will accompany you with better products and services!

The following is the introduction of product features.

1. Support 4 full-HD video channels transmission simultaneously;
2. Up to 500m/1640ft transmission distance, LOS;
3. 4 transmitters operates in 1 RF channel, multiple RF channels are available;
4. Ultra-low latency, meet the needs of professional scenes;
5. Support 4*4 MIMO & Beam forming, enhance anti-interference capacity;
6. Support Tally, Time-code, and star/stop recording trigger;
7. Support IP streaming (RTSP).

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