CVW BeamLink System Applied In The 5th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week

Time:2019-08-12 Author:shijing

On July 27, 2019, the 5th Jackie Chan International Action Film Week, hosted by Jackie Chan International Group, was successfully held in Datong City, Shanxi Province.

The event focused "Movie" and "Future." It makes the stage full of novelty via massive art installations and multimedia technology. At the same time, technological innovation combines the content of East-West cultural elements, bringing audiences an audio-visual feast with a strong sense of future science and technology.

The stadium uses a large stage to blend into the unique hi-tech lighting scene, so that the activity site needs to use up to 20 broadcasting cameras. Some of the challenging shooting locations can not be deployed by wire. Such as the high-altitude overlooking location, the bicycle stunt's first-person view location and the astronaut's first-person view location.

CVW provides a multi-cam wireless video transmission system for this event- BeamLink, which transmits video signals from multiple awkward positions to the radio station by wireless mode. Moreover, they present a lot of creative images to the audience, such as Jackie Chan falling from the sky in his aerospace suit, exciting flying car performance and boiling Chinese martial art performances, and so forth.

In the closing ceremony of Jackie Chan International Action Film Week, BeamLink System helped the host Committee solve the problems of insufficient spectrum, cumbersome wiring, time and labor costs in large-scale scenes. It makes live broadcasting to be more straightforward, more convenient, and more efficient.


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